I make "story portraits" for business and family.

Does it have to be a life story?
It could just as well be the history of a business, a heartfelt message to kids or grandkids, or for a specific event like a funeral or wedding.

Can you go through my old photos and movies?
Absolutely! That can be a big chunk of the work, and I can take care of everything. I'll find the right photos, scan and digitize slides and recordings, and photograph everything worth incorporating.


Remember more than just your appearance.
Nobody does what I do for families. NGVP is uniquely equipped to conduct interviews, organize photos, research archives, cull everything down, and produce your story in a timeless style.

It's the ultimate keepsake.
My goal is to encourage everyone to lend an ear to the experienced, and I produce documentary pieces that make listening an easy thing to do.