A documentary is forever.

Does it have to be a life story?
No, it could just as well be for a business, a heartfelt message to kids or grandkids, or for a specific event like a funeral or wedding.

Can you go through my old photos and movies?
Absolutely! That can be a big chunk of the work, and you don't have to do it alone. We'll find the right photos, scan and digitize slides and recordings, and photograph everything worth incorporating.

Can I do this on my own?
Brave soul, please don't leave here without some help! Check out the DIY page, and subscribe to the newsletter below for monthly guides on how to do just that.

It's the ultimate keepsake.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to lend an ear to the experienced, and we produce documentary pieces that make listening an easy thing to do.

Don't let the details of your history be forgotten.

Nobody does what we do for families. NGVP is uniquely equipped to conduct interviews, organize photos, research archives, cull everything down, and produce biographies in a timeless style.

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