What's involved in an interview shoot?

After you book a date and location, we'll do a pre-interview to find what's important to capture. For the actual interview shoot, setup typically takes 60 minutes, shooting lasts for about 2 hours, and packing up takes 45 minutes.

What equipment do you use?

It's a long and ever-changing list for the most part. It's not the gear; it's how we use it. If you're still interested, Contact me.

What should they talk about?

We will figure all that out during the pre-interview.

What's a good location for the shoot?

The quieter the better. The rest depends on availability on the date you prefer. The final consideration is aesthetics.

What should they wear for the interview?

Solid colors or large-print designs recommended (no tight patterns like pinstripes). Avoid bright whites or extremely dark colors like black or navy blue. Jewelry is fine if it doesn't make any noise.

Can I upgrade my package later?

We can always expand a project by adding new footage to past footage. It's possible that interviews would need to be re-done to maintain consistency.

What happens when recording is finished?

All the files are backed up in triplicate, two on-site and one at a remote location. Depending on the package selected, the interview and additional footage are combed through repeatedly to find the right parts for the story. After the dialog edit is in place, additional footage is incorporated depending on the package (animated photos, b-roll, vintage videos, graphics, etc.) Depending on the package, music is added and the edit is fine-tuned. A color grade is applied to fit the mood, and the last step is mastering the dialog, music, and other sound elements. The final video is exported based on the content delivery method and delivered to you.

Can I share the video online?

Generally, yes, but if the audience is large enough, there may be licensing costs.